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Our Product Range

Our wide variety of products are categorized into 2 main categories. The "Common Stocks" which is our stocked products, consist of all the commonly used packaging materials used in the food industry and "Customized Products" which consisted of printed bags, special sizes & application which is used by individual customers to improve on their packaging and branding.

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Standard Range

Perfect choice for food preservation and atmospheric packaging.

For air/aroma/smell & vapour barrier.

High clarity & easy to use.

Sous Vide Range

Perfect for vacuum cooking, hot products fillings, pasteurization & etc

Embossed Range

The right match for external vacuum packing machines. (most commonly used by home chefs, cafes and restaurants with small usage of vacuum products & etc)

Customized Range

Design your bags to boost your brand image!

Our customizable range includes special bags like shrink bag, stand up pouches, zipped bags & etc. Printed pouches and special series like Clarity+, Barrier+, Resistance+ are also available

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High quality supporting accessories to increase the quality and image of your packaging & branding:

- Packing board

- Absorbant pad

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